7. Rank Your Prospects

Determine which prospects are your best prospects by factoring Value, Propensity and Fit.

At Inorganic we have three calculations that we run to rank prospects.

Value is the formula presented earlier.

Propensity is the likelihood of the prospect to use acquisition to fill gaps in capabilities. It is driven by firmographics and acquisition history.


By sequencing your outreach from highest to lowest rank, you ensure that if you get an offer with an ask for exclusivity, it will be from one of your better prospects

At Inorganic we have three calculations that we run to rank prospects.

  • Prospects that have recently had big financing events are very likely to make acquisitions.
  • Prospects that often make acquisitions are likely to make more in the future.
  • Propensity goes up with company size until a certain point, then it goes down. Extremely large companies are less likely to make small acquisitions.
  • Fit is how aligned the is prospect with your company. It is driven by their market alignment and capability gap. Acquirers with the highest fit will have your same market but be missing your capability.

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