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Your startup has value.

Traditional M&A solutions just don’t know how to showcase it.

  • Your value is strategic, not financial
  • Strategic buyers aren’t browsing marketplaces, they need to be contacted
  • Brokers require a solid P&L, which is a rarity among early stage startups

Inorganic is designed to market the value of people and IP to companies that need innovation.

Everything you need to find your acquirer.

170,000 Buyers

We have a database of 170K companies that make strategic acquisitions. Our data includes several data points to help qualify the best buyer and the right contact at each company.

Advanced Matching

Inorganic uses numerous algorithms that tell you which buyers might be the most interested, and at what price. Unlike other solutions, value is based on the acquirer’s use case, not a financial multiple.

Automated Outreach

Schedule drip email campaigns to your prospective acquirers. Track clicks to your business listing.

Because I've been there.

I started Inorganic because I have been in the situation where my company was running out of cash and needed a home. I discovered that there are big companies shopping for innovation.

Unlike the M&A industry, these acquirers are not fixating on your P&L. They are interested in your team and what you have built. Inorganic connects unprofitable startups with these acquirers.

– Paolo DiVincenzo, Founder & CEO, Inorganic

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There’s a home for your innovation. Let’s find it.

Winding down for lack of commercial traction is a waste of everything you’ve built.

There is a better way:

  • Put what you have built in a place where it creates value
  • Keep your team together
  • Deliver returns to your stakeholders
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