Position, Measure, and Target Your Best Outcome

Inorganic combines the pieces of a successful Strategic Process

Use Cases

Our wizard identifies the use cases that various types of enterprises would have for a strategic relationship with your company.

Strategic Value

We quantify the value of your capabilities to every enterprise, putting you in a prime position to negotiate a fair deal.

Best Prospects

We score and rank the best prospects for a strategic relationship from our database of 50K+ enterprises.

Your Ideal Outcome is a Strategic Outcome

It's simple. When you plug some tech into huge base of customers, you can create a lot of value. And if an enterprise can capture that value through you faster than they can build it, they can justify a good price.

In contrast, a M&A marketplaces will sell you to financial buyers based on a multiple of revenue. That only works well if you have a lot of revenue.

Usually, your best outcome will be strategic.

Target the Right Enterprises Based on Facts

We mine every signal to determine which enterprises might value your capabilities, and quantify how much.

  • Value by Use Case
  • Propensity to Acquire
  • Strength of Fit
  • Friction Points
  • Prospect Score
  • Page Visits

Plenty of runway?

Lay groundwork early for a better exit.

Tech Partnerships

Tech partnerhsips are a great way to align with enterprises before you start looking for an exit.

Over a Year of Runway


Find the enterprises most likely to acquire your company, and understand why and for how much.

Under a Year of Runway
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Covering Over 50,000 Strategic Buyers

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