Inorganic is designed for technology companies with proprietary IP in one of two situations:
1. They are a successful or quickly growing business and want to understand their potential acquisition options before raising another round
2. They are a bootstrapped or VC funded company that did not achieve the scale to attract another round of funding or run the business based on operational cash flow

Our historical data suggests that if you have more than one employee coming with the transaction and over $50K in recurring revenue, the odds of a success exit are over 70%. If you do not have any employees coming with the transaction, or have not achieved significant commercial scale, your business is likely too risky for an acquirer to make an acquisition.

Inorganic approaches valuation from the perspective of the buyer. We combine several models in our calculation, including:
  • Cost to replicate your IP
  • Opportunity cost of building vs. buying
  • Market factors including available alternatives and expected multiples

Inorganic enables you to selectively share of hide any information about your business, including its name. That said, if you choose to stay anonymous, and your commercial success is not spectacular, you should expect significantly lower odds of a successful outcome.

Inorganic focuses on strategic exits; that is, selling your startup to an enterprise. Enterprise corporate development heads aren't generally checking in on marketplaces, so Inorganic is focused on getting directly in-front of enterprises with targeted email.

Inorganic is a product. Our software is open 24/7 for you to use and is billed on a modest monthly recurring fee.

We are happy to answer questions through chat (in the software) or email from this site.

If you'd like general help on exiting your startup from a variety of industry experts, join our free Slack community Exit Talk: https://exittalk.inorganic.io

Inorganic can accommodate up to 3 companies per user.


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