Why do startups use us?

Value beyond multiples

Strategic buyers get their ROI based on their unique use case, not on future cash flows of your standalone businsess. If you have proprietary tech, data or product, but are not at scale, strategic buyers offer more value.

Fast and efficient

Typically, startups have a finite runway. Using automation and AI, Inorganic gets your opportunity in the hands of buyers quickly.

Full- or self-service options

Maybe you want to take a run at finding your acquirer yourself and keeping your gains. We're not going to stop you. Or, use our full-service option and still get visibility into the entire process through our UI.

How it Works

It takes minutes to start marketing your startup to acquirers.


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Upgrade to start tagging your best prospects for outreach, setting-up your listing page, and scheduling outreach.


Find your acquirer

Watch engagement with your listing from buyers and respond to their inquiries.

DIY or let us do the work, you decide.

Just Exploring

Free Plan

Have a look around Inorganic. See which acquirers might be good candidates and at what value.

Forever Free

Target & Contact through Our UI


Start reaching out to your target acquirers, directing them to your listing, and receiving interest.


We Find Buyers and Help Close


In collaboration with one of the largest brokerages in the world, we target, campaign, and guide you through the acquisition process.

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