9. Craft the Right Message

The right message makes it easy for your prospect to engage.

Strategic acquisitions are risky and time-consuming projects for acquirers. The path of least resistance is just to move on to other endeavors if there’s too much friction at the outset.

Be brief. In our countless tests of email copy, brevity almost always won. Keep copy to the most critical pieces of information.

A sentence on the company and what it does

A sentence on the potential use case with the acquirer

A couple sentences with critical background info: revenue, team size, website URL, desired price.

Be specific. Proposing your thought on a potential use case prompts a response, even if you’re wrong. Being vague encourages inaction/deliberation.

Be transparent. If it feels like it’s going to be a grind to dig out the details needed for consideration, the most likely response is that your buyer will opt out. To even begin consideration, your prospect needs your revenue, team size, URL and desired price.

No hyperbole. Startups that are on the cusp of world domination aren’t actively seeking exits. If you are seeking an exit, overstating your strength looks disingenuous.

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