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1. Identify Segments

Identify which types of enterprises would be interested in your startup, and why they need it.

Segment Builder

Our segment builder wizard will walk you through some questions to help you identify segments.

Segmented Use Cases

Different segments will have different uses for your tech, and each affects value.

2. Quantify Value

Using your segmented use cases and our database of company data, we calculated how much we think your startup would be worth to the enterprises in your segments.

Multiple Value Models

Cost to replicate, commercial value, and opportunity cost are combined to value your startup.

Negotiation Anchors

We identify the "friction points" in your value, which are the anchors enterprises will use in negotiation.

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3. Target Prospects

We score enterprises for the value you bring, their propensity to acquire, and your fit with their use case.

50K+ Enterprises

Extensive database covering most prospective acquirers, with data enabling us to assess the best prospects.

Corporate Contacts

Titles and emails for the most appropriate c-suite or corporate development contacts at each enterprise.

4. Promote Your Asset

We provide a webpage that details your asset, providing a place to direct the corporate contact we provide.

Email Links

Email links to the most appropriate corporate contacts at each enterprise you target.

Website Tracking

Track visitors by targeted enterprise to see who is truly engaged.

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Relevant Data

50,000 +


With data that enables us to score for value and fit with your asset.

100,000 +

Enterprise Contacts

Emails and titles for corporate decision-makers.

1,000,000 +

Data Points

Factored into our algorithms for value and prospect scoring.

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